Watch Climate Conversations: Flood Resilience in our Communities

On June 29, Save The Bay hosted the first in a series of Climate Conversations focused on the challenges and opportunities the Bay Area has as we prepare our cities for sea level rise.

Senator John Laird joined us to discuss Senate Bill 272 and how it would make sea level rise planning more comprehensive in the Bay Area. Later, Cade Cannedy from Climate Resilient Communities stepped in for Violet Wulf-Saena to discuss the importance of equitable planning and community involvement when preparing our communities for climate change. 

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Read our San Francisco Bay Sea Level Rise & Flood Strategy and learn how smart planning can help create a resilient region.

Climate Conversations is a series of events bringing together climate leaders from throughout the region. Across this series, we will delve into the challenges facing the Bay Area, and the solutions we can implement to ensure our region is resilient to sea level rise and climate change.

Watch the second webinar on Greening our Cities and third webinar on Groundwater Rise Resilience.