Watch Climate Conversations: Greening Our Cities

On September 16, Assemblymember Diane Papan, Alicia Gilbreath from the San Francisco Estuary Institute, and Kira Maritano from The Trust for Public Land joined in conversation with Save The Bay for an in-depth look at the many ways that green cities are climate resilient.

Record wet winters and hot summers mean that cities need to plan differently to make sure residents are safe and healthy. Learn about opportunities to green our cities, the barriers to making this a reality, and the innovative solutions being worked on with partners across the Bay Area.

There is much work ahead, and it will take dedicated people to advance the solutions we need to protect our region. Our community is what makes this work possible. You can support Save The Bay and help create a climate-resilient Bay Area by making a donation.

Climate Conversations is a series of events bringing together climate leaders from throughout the region. Across this series, we will delve into the challenges facing the Bay Area, and the solutions we can implement to ensure our region is resilient to sea level rise and climate change.

Watch the first webinar on Flood Resilience in our Communities. Join us in November for a look at groundwater rise and its associated flood impacts – details coming soon.