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Help Build a Healthy, Climate-Resilient San Francisco Bay

Tell California Leaders to Fund Shoreline Restoration

The State Legislature is developing a bond measure for the November 2024 ballot that will help fund investments to ensure California is prepared for the impacts of climate change. This includes nature-based solutions to help communities adapt to fire, flood, drought, and wildfire. The legislature is proposing a $15 billion bond across the state. Read More →

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To: Governor Newsom, Senate Pro Tem McGuire, and Assembly Speaker Rivas

Subject: Support Funding for Shoreline Resilience in the 2024 State Budget and Proposed Climate Bond

California needs to invest now to protect our communities from the growing impacts of climate change – including flooding from sea level rise, more intense storms, and groundwater rise.

Communities surrounding the San Francisco Bay are some of the most vulnerable in California to these risks. More than 350,000 Bay Area residents already live in a flood zone, and the risks to our cities will only increase in the coming years. While California faces a difficult budget year, underinvesting in disaster preparedness will only increase the state’s costs in the long term. That’s why we can’t afford to delay projects that will provide protection against flooding as sea levels rise and storms continue to worsen.

We urge you to restore the proposed cuts to coastal resilience funding in the state’s budget for 2024. We also urge you to support a climate resilience bond that will provide additional resources to prepare California for the harmful impacts of climate change, including additional investment in shoreline and flood resilience.

Restoring our region’s wetlands is essential for protecting our communities, homes, businesses and ecosystems in the face of these growing climate risks.


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Bay Area Housing for All

Join us in endorsing the Bay Area Housing for All (BAHA) ballot measure for November 2024! Due to the extent of California’s housing crisis, we need more dedicated funding for affordable housing in the Bay Area. The lack of affordable housing is an environmental issue because access to healthy, affordable homes is a critical part of a healthy environment and community.

The BAHA regional bond of $10-20 billion would allow the region to construct up to 45,000 homes, create thousands of jobs, and preserve existing affordable housing. Eighty percent of the funds would return to the Bay area county of origin (based on assessed property value), while the other twenty percent would go the Bay Area Housing Finance Authority to distribute across the region where it is most needed.