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Tell the Water Board that Caltrans Must Prevent Trash Pollution in the Bay

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Plastics and other trash that builds up along our roads and highways pose a grave threat to the health of San Francisco Bay and the people and wildlife who depend on it.

The Clean Water Act requires Caltrans to ensure that this roadway trash is not carried through storm drains that empty into the Bay and surrounding creeks, but it has failed.

In 2019, after years of delay by Caltrans, the SF Regional Water Board took enforcement action requiring the agency to meet regular benchmarks to eliminate trash pollution. It’s now been three years, and Caltrans remains out of compliance with the Board’s order because it has failed to reduce trash from state-owned roads and highways.

The trash from roads and highways pollutes the Bay’s shoreline and water, poisons wildlife, and contributes to the accumulation of plastic in the oceans. Plastics don’t biodegrade and break down into smaller pieces. This pollution adds to the growing problem of the more than 7 trillion microplastic particles that end up in the Bay every year.

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Sign the petition today to demand that the San Francisco Regional Water Board take stronger action to hold Caltrans accountable for violating the Clean Water Act. We must eliminate the harm that litter pollution on our roads and highways has on the Bay, surrounding communities, and wildlife.