Educate Our Community

Using powerful personal experiences to connect students to San Francisco Bay.

For a young person, a day on the shore of San Francisco Bay can be inspiring. Whether they’re hearing the calls of wetland birds, or seeing the vibrant colors of pickleweed for the first time, tangible experiences connect students to the natural world and can ignite a lifelong passion for environmental stewardship.

At Save The Bay, we offer multiple ways to discover San Francisco Bay. Students can experience the shoreline directly through in-person and virtual field trips, or learn digitally through OLO: Outdoor Learning Online. We also offer lessons and activities for teachers to use in the classroom. Our materials are aligned with California’s Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards and help students gain an understanding of Bay ecology and the impact they can have on the environment. Explore our programs below and learn more about the Bay.

OLO: Outdoor Learning Online

Explore Save The Bay’s education portal that offers hands-on science lessons for remote learning environments. Join our restoration team from your home, download lessons for your classroom, and discover San Francisco Bay.

Shoreline Education

Connect students directly to San Francisco Bay through shoreline programs or virtual field trips. Your class can join our Habitat Restoration Team and learn about the ecology, history, and biodiversity of our region.