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OLO: Outdoor
Learning Online

Save The Bay's education portal that offers hands-on science lessons for remote learning environments.

Welcome to OLO – Outdoor Learning Online. OLO is a place where students can experience the Bay virtually, hear from our Habitat Restoration Team and learn about why the Bay is so important for all of us. Whether you’re a kindergartener, a senior in high school, a parent, or a teacher, OLO has something for you. Everyone who lives in the Bay Area has a personal connection to the Bay. OLO will help you understand that connection and teach you about the Bay Area, its people, and wildlife.

“People will not protect what they do not care about, and people don’t care about what they have never experienced.” – Sir David Attenborough

Save The Bay wants everyone to experience the San Francisco Bay so that you too can care for this precious natural resource

Lessons & Curriculum

Save The Bay has adapted its program materials to aid in distance learning. Our goal is to provide educational resources to students, teachers, and parents and bring the Bay’s watershed to life for learners throughout the region. Our lessons and videos are steered by Next Generation Science Standards and Environmental Principles and Concepts.

Ecology & Biodiversity

Explore the plants and animals that call our region home and make San Francisco Bay a unique natural resource.


Climate Change & Human Impact

Learn about the challenge of climate change and what you can do to make sure the Earth stays healthy for generations to come.



Follow the life of a raindrop, explore how water moves through your community, and learn about this vital natural resource.


Summer Camp

Welcome to camp! Bay Summer Camp is a collection of games and activities that help you explore the world around you and have fun while doing it. These activities are all about trying new things, changing your perspective and making discoveries. You can do these activities at the park, in your yard, or at your window. Remember to be safe and have fun!

June Activities


July Activities


August Activities