Egret over wetland

Ecology &

Explore the plants and animals that call our region home and make San Francisco Bay a unique natural resource.

The SF Bay is an estuary and unique home to dozens of mammals, hundreds of birds, and thousands of invertebrates. Explore the phenomenon of interdependence, or the amazing adaptations Bay species have acquired, or just come birding with us.

Ecosystem Explorer

Download the Ecosystem Explorer Guide here.

Native Nursery Tour

Monitoring Restoration Sites

Bird Biodiversity

To explore the biodiversity of bird species in the Bay you’ll need this worksheet. Use it on any of the birds in this video, or look for a bird at home or at school.

Lessons & Activities

Ecosystem Explorer

Biotic and abiotic components change between ecosystems


Flower Power

Flowers are important, zoom in on this plant part to learn why


Help Wanted

Organisms adapt to fill a specific niche in an ecosystem


Life in The Bay

Explore the flora and fauna that call the Bay home


Web of Life

Discover the interdependence within an ecosystem


Young Botanist

Observe Plants through scientific illustration