A Staff Day for Seedlings

native plants at Save The Bay nursery

For the first time in months, a group of Save The Bay staff came together, at a distance of course, at our Palo Alto Baylands nursery. While the team would take any opportunity to see each other, the task this day was transplanting native seedlings into larger pots a crucial next step in their roughly 9-month journey towards Bay wetlands. Our Habitat Restoration Team starts the process by collecting seeds from native plants and sprouting them in trays at our nurseries around the Bay. The seedlings are then transferred to pots where they will grow until they are put in the ground to help restore wetlands and protect Bay communities from climate-driven sea-level rise. This task is typically done through our volunteer and corporate programs. Due to COVID-19, Save The Bay has had to suspend all corporate and volunteer programs for the safety of our partners and the public.

At the end of the day, staff transplanted close to 3,000 seedlings of plants like Yarrow and Mugwort, 10% of our goal for the year. A staff member said, “It was great to get together to do this important work, get our hands dirty, and take a much-needed break from my home office!” We still have more work to do, but the staff will be back soon to transplant even more seedlings. Save The Bay couldn’t do this work without our generous and supportive partners in the Palo Alto Baylands. We are thankful to work with the Santa Clara Valley Water District, South Bay Salt Pond Restoration Project, Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Reserve, and Baylands Nature Preserve Rangers.