Disgusted by plastic pollution? Take our #PlasticFreeJuly pledge!

Thank you for joining us at the Story of Plastic virtual screening! We hope you walked away with new information to share with your friends and family, and inspiration to do your part to end the plague of plastic pollution on our Bay and waterways around the world. Save The Bay has led local and regional campaigns to stop plastic pollution for over a decade, but the Story of Plastic has made us think about our role in new ways. We expect conversations about fossil fuel regulation to accelerate in California with changing economic conditions, so you can expect to see this issue on Save The Bay’s future policy agenda. In the meantime, there are still actions we can all take now to keep plastic pollution out of our Bay.

Are you ready to be part of the solution? Take our Plastic Free July pledge and be leader in your family, friend circle, and community in reducing plastic waste and water pollution.

Plastic Free July pledge

In celebration of Plastic Free July, and to do my part to end plastic pollution in our communities, food chain, and waterways: I pledge to avoid plastic packaging whenever I can. Many products are now packaged in cardboard or compostable materials. I pledge to reduce my purchase of take-out food packaged in plastic and urge my favorite restaurants to use non-plastic options. When our public health departments announce that it is safe, I pledge to integrate reusables into my daily life:

  • Using reusable bags while shopping
  • Ditching plastic sandwich bags for a reusable option like Stasher (made from silicone)
  • Bringing my own mug to the coffee shop
  • Keeping a set of reusable cutlery and a straw in my bag for picnics and food festivals

Feeling a bit overwhelmed by these changes? Just remember: every action counts, no matter how small. If everyone committed to just one of these shifts in our daily habits, we would see big results. Share your commitment to Plastic Free July by posting your reusable alternatives and strategies for reducing plastic on social media, and tag #PlasticFreeJuly and #SaveTheBay! Missed the screening? You can find another virtual screening or rent the film on Amazon.