No on Proposition 6 Cuts Transit, Road Safety and Bridge Repairs

Photo courtesy of No on Prop 6
Improvements and upgrades to Bay Area roads and public transit are decades overdue. Not only does this outdated, inefficient, and crumbling infrastructure impact our daily lives—especially for those traveling from the outskirts of our region—it threatens the health of the Bay. We need to invest in our transportation infrastructure to protect the Bay and improve quality of life in our region. But Proposition 6 will do the opposite by eliminating more than $700 million in statewide investments in public transit, road and bridge repairs, and initiatives to increase bicycle and pedestrian mobility.Critical projects that Proposition 6 would halt in the Bay Area include:

  • 22 miles of managed lanes through the Peninsula and South Bay to reduce traffic congestion
  • Installation of crosswalk flashers at 7 school sites in Contra Costa County
  • Widening of the University Avenue/US 101 overpass to make it safer for bikers and pedestrians and more efficient for cars
  • BART extension to San Jose and Santa Clara
  • 59 new hybrid AC Transit buses to replace polluting diesel buses

Toxic runoff from our roadways flows directly into creeks and the Bay, poisoning wildlife and suffocating habitat. With a growing number of cars on the road and more time spent in traffic, impacts to the Bay will only worsen unless we improve public transit and make our roads safer for bikers and pedestrians. Prop 6 will stand in the way of efforts to improve the environment and quality of life in our region. Prop 6 is opposed by Save The Bay Action Fund, Sierra Club California, the League of Women Voters of California, the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, the California Labor Federation, and cities throughout the Bay Area. Learn more about Prop 6 and other important measures on the November 2018 ballot in Save The Bay Action Fund’s Bay Smart Voter Guide at