David Lewis: 20 Years of Impact and the Future of our Bay

San Francisco Mayor London Breed, David Lewis, San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo
“David Lewis is a pioneer of our environment…” San Francisco Mayor London Breed “David Lewis has the tenacity, political savvy, and passion that leads to progress…” San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo “David Lewis wouldn’t give up until he got every last vote…” Felicia Madsen, Save The Bay Action Fund Board Director These are just a few of the accolades that were shared about David Lewis, who last week celebrated his 20th anniversary as Executive Director of Save The Bay, at Delancey Street Foundation in San Francisco. Hundreds of elected officials, advocates, volunteers, and supporters gathered to toast one of the region’s top environmental advocates.
David Lewis celebrating his 20 years of impact
David insisted he and Save The Bay aren’t satisfied with past victories, but inspired to take on new challenges facing the Bay, including existential threats to Bay Area communities from climate change. David noted climate impacts originally predicted for the middle of this century are happening now, all over the globe, and in the Bay:

  • More extreme droughts and floods, more powerful rainstorms and forest fires – killing people and wildlife.
  • Sea level rise and thermal expansion of the ocean shrinking beaches and marshes.
  • The San Francisco Embarcadero, which never used to flood – now floods several times a year during King Tides. Within a decade, it could flood monthly.

And yet, most days, climate change isn’t even the top story. Our planet’s survival is competing with the news cycle of the day and often the situation feels depressing, exhausting and dire. But… change is possible. Save The Bay has faced long odds before, and won. That’s what we do! But making big changes will require more than just good policy positions or fun events.  Change requires action and that takes power.

Save The Bay Action Fund Board of Directors
That is why we created Save The Bay Action Fund – because making big changes requires direct advocacy in city halls and the state capitol, joining with allies from organized labor, business, and environmental justice.  We need to mobilize everyone in the Bay Area to get more involved and vote… every election.  David called on each of us to be bold, not timid – to do more, not less.  If we all do our part, our combined strength and energy will ensure the Bay and Bay Area are resilient in the decades ahead. Congratulations, David, on 20 years of impact for San Francisco Bay.  Here’s to the next 20! P.S.  Learn more about Save The Bay Action Fund by visiting sfbayactionfund.org.