Thank You, Bank of America!

Save The Bay is proud and grateful to be a longtime grant recipient of Bank of America. We are thrilled to recognize the company’s dedication to environmental stewardship, and contributions to restoring the Bay and strengthening local communities.

Bank of America is committed to achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, and continues to champion organizations like Save The Bay that are dedicated to making a difference for current and future generations. The company states: “We understand the impact our operations have on the environment and the potential we have to make a difference.”

Bank of America’s Philanthropic Strategy emphasizes the importance of utilizing its vast influence to promote and support healthy and safe neighborhoods. One priority is to support regional revitalization efforts, taking a holistic approach to building inclusive communities, including:

  • Resiliency of communities to prepare for and withstand extreme weather events and the impacts of climate change
  • Environmental efforts through the preservation/restoration of open space and community gardens
  • Revitalization initiatives that engage community stakeholders in building livable communities.

By contributing to Save The Bay, Bank of America takes measurable action to help prepare communities for the increasing impacts of climate change. The company’s philanthropic goals are made concrete through our wetland restoration work and advocacy for policies that mitigate sea level rise and improve flood resilience in the region, as outlined in our Sea Level Rise and Flood Resilience Strategy.

Thank you, Bank of America, for your ongoing dedication to creating a healthy Bay for all!