Your Voice, Your Bay: 7 Ways to VOTE for the Bay this November

Vote for the Bay this November
YOU can keep fish, birds, and Bay Area communities safe as sea levels rise. YOU can make sure our tap water is truly safe to drink. YOU can slash greenhouse gas emissions and improve public transit across the region. All you have to do is VOTE! But with so much on the November ballot, where should you begin? Right here! Below you’ll find all the information you need to shape San Francisco Bay’s future – right from the ballot box.Learn the big picture and then click through to read detailed blogs about the 7 propositions that directly affect San Francisco Bay. They are:

YES on Prop 3

This $8.8 billion statewide bond funds projects that provide clean drinking water, build wildlife habitat, and increase drought protections. This measure specifically allots $200 million toward San Francisco Bay wetland restoration to improve the Bay’s health and resilience to climate change.

NO on Prop 6

Proposition 6 would eliminate critical funding adopted last year by the state legislature for 6,500 projects already underway statewide to increase bridge and road safety. In the Bay Area, a “yes” on Prop 6 would destroy plans for 272 new BART cars and 45 zero-emission AC transit buses.

YES on Prop A – San Francisco

San Francisco’s waterfront seawall is more than 100 years old and at significant risk of crumbling in a major earthquake or natural disaster. Proposition A funds much-needed repairs and defenses for public transit tunnels and water systems.

YES on Measure FF – East Bay Regional Park District

A mere $12/year parcel tax established by the East Bay Regional Park District Board would offer wildfire protections, enhance water quality, preserve shorelines and urban creeks, and increase community access to East Bay public parks.

YES on San Jose Measure T

Measure T prevents stormwater pollution of creeks and the Bay, preserves open spaces, protects groundwater resources, and addresses critical public safety needs ranging from bridges at risk in earthquakes to sewer systems that could prompt flooding.

YES on San Jose Measure V

With a strong focus on equity, Measure V is a major step towards our Bay Smart Communities vision. It creates affordable housing for families, seniors, teachers, and veterans, in addition to securing stable housing for homeless residents.

YES on Measure W – San Mateo County

By funding repairs and expanding the scope of public transit, this half-cent tax is right in line with our Bay Smart Communities vision of cutting greenhouse gas emissions and reducing polluted runoff stemming from roadways congested with cars. Save The Bay thanks you for supporting our beautiful Bay – and the fish, birds, and communities who call it home. For more details about these initiatives, read our Bay Smart Voter Guide.