YES on San Mateo County Measure W Transit and Transportation Improvement Sales Tax

Measure W helps reduce Bay Area traffic
Those who commute in San Mateo County know how bad the traffic is. If you’ve driven through the 101-92 interchange recently, you know something needs to be done to relieve congestion and improve commute time. To achieve this, we must not only fund highway projects, but also enhance public transit options, support alternative modes of transportation, and connect high-quality transit to affordable housing. Measure W will do just that by raising $2.4 billion over 30 years for projects that will take thousands of cars off of highways every day, fix potholes and maintain streets throughout the County, and make it safer to travel to schools and employment centers by bike and on foot.Measure W will also prioritize projects that plan for climate change, reduce water pollution, and provide better transit options for youth, seniors, people with disabilities, and those with lower incomes. A strong coalition of community groups, youth organizations, and housing and transportation advocates shaped the expenditure plan for Measure W, including feedback and suggestions from Save The Bay. Measure W is endorsed by the Bay Area Council, Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition, Urban Habitat, San Mateo Labor Council, Transform, and many local elected officials. Learn more about Measure W and other important Bay Area measures on the November 2018 ballot in Save The Bay Action Fund’s Bay Smart Voter Guide at