Volta – Driving forward a fossil fuel-free future

The electric vehicle charging company Volta typically receives the same question when they say they provide “free fuel” at their more than 140 charging stations around the Bay Area, “What’s the catch?” They will happily reply, “There is none!” Volta pays for the power you put in your EV with digital ad screens on their chargers at convenient locations like Trader Joes and Whole Foods. Volta generously donated ad space to Save The Bay in March, so we sat down with Jen Capasso and Nina Rush from Volta to learn more about how they are helping people ditch fossil fuels and make electric vehicles more accessible.

What is the mission of Volta?

Our mission is to catalyze the electric vehicle industry and drive forward mass EV adoption by building the infrastructure necessary to make charging easier for the public. We are on the cusp of a revolution in transportation, and with such little time to act on climate change, Volta is accelerating the timeline for people to make the switch to electric. We also recognize, as the only free fuel platform out there, we have the responsibility of making sure that the environmentalism that our platform advocates for is being displayed through our ads as well.

What made you choose Save The Bay for a donation?

We are based in the Bay Area, so we wanted to choose an organization that is connecting people to opportunities to take meaningful action locally. From policy work on climate change to corporate programs to offering the public opportunities to get their hands dirty and restore wetlands, Save The Bay aligned with Volta because of our bold shared visions for climate action.

What are your plans for growth?

Volta operates over 1,100 free electric vehicle charging stations in over 190 municipalities in 16 states across the U.S. For 2020, we are mainly focused on building our network of charging stations on the East Coast. We will also be expanding our presence in the heart of the American oil country, Texas.

What are the ways Volta helps protect the Bay?

Our ultimate goal is the elimination of fossil fuels through ample places to charge your vehicle. Installing a home EV charger can be expensive, preventing consumers from switching to more affordable EV options. Placing our stations at convenient locations most people already go reduces vehicle miles traveled, which reduces pollution overall.

What gives you hope for the future?

Just in the past year, more than 20 new EV car models have come out with many affordable options for consumers. From the market to the government, everyone is preparing for an electric vehicle future.  With the recent plunge in oil prices, it is undeniable the future of transportation is electric. Save The Bay shares Volta’s vision of a fossil fuel-free future. Thank you to Volta for your support and for helping Save The Bay connect more people with our beautiful Bay habitat.