Bay Summer Camp: August Activities

Join us for more Bay Summer Camp in August!

Last month, we explored collective actions we can take to better our communities: saving water, preventing plastic pollution, planting pollinators, and cleaning up trash. Check out July Summer Camp videos here →

This month, we’re going to explore some of the diverse wildlife that you can find in the Bay Area. Biodiversity refers to the different types of life that can be found in an area. California is a global biodiversity hotspot. It’s home to more species of plants and animals than any other state in the country. The San Francisco Bay is an estuary – a unique ecosystem home to diverse flora and fauna.


Behavioral ecology is the study of animal behavior and the reason they behave that way. We are lucky enough to see a large diversity of wildlife here in the Bay Area. If we’re really lucky, we can observe wildlife long enough to see what they do and ask, why? Have you ever seen birds fly together in a giant group? This is called murmuration and is a form of defense against predators.

Tracking Animals

Tracking is the practice and art of looking for evidence of wildlife to better understand the environment and habits of that animal. Good trackers can use the evidence they find to tell a story about that animal. Look out for prints, holes, scat, fur, and feathers next time you’re out on a walk or hike!

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