Solstice on the Shoreline: Unveiling Our Newest Restoration Project

On a gorgeous December morning, alongside the Bay, we proudly unveiled our newest habitat restoration project during our second annual Solstice on the Shoreline, a special “behind-the-scenes” experience for our long-time supporters and friends. This time of year is notoriously known to be one of the busiest, but we believe this is the perfect time for people to escape the holiday pressure, reconnect with nature and to relish in the beauty that exists in the Heart of Our Home. It’s also an opportunity for our loyal donors to see their gifts in action and to truly know they are protecting and restoring San Francisco Bay. Our newest site at Ravenswood Pond R4 in Menlo Park, is an innovative collaboration with the California Coastal Conservancy and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service that focuses on restoring over nine acres of transition zone habitat.  As part of this project, we opened our fifth native plant nursery facility, where our Habitat Restoration Team collects seeds and grows plants and other vegetative material in more than 40 raised beds. Here’s the fun part – our nursery is located at the West Bay Sanitary District – right next to a sewage treatment plant. This is yet the latest example of unlikely partnerships leading to real progress for the Bay. Our Solstice on the Shoreline guests were treated to a guided walking tour of the area before we put them to work! People of all ages and abilities rolled up their sleeves, constructed additional raised beds, hauled soil, and planted native seedlings.  In just a little more than an hour, our crew significantly advanced the work of the project, all while having a rejuvenating experience outside. It was no surprise that everyone left Solstice on the Shoreline with a smile and a renewed commitment to protecting this gorgeous natural treasure.  On behalf of all the staff and volunteers of Save The Bay, we want to thank everyone who gives back to protect and restore San Francisco Bay, and we wish you a peaceful and joyful holiday season. See you next year on the shoreline!