Urgent: Prop 67 support is slipping

Give Today Plastic bags litter our communities and kill wildlife every day. Thousands of sea turtles, otters, and birds become entangled in plastic bags every year, and many more animals mistake these bags for food, fill their stomachs with plastic and die of starvation. Chances are you’re already planning to vote Yes on Prop 67 to ban these harmful bags. But that may not be enough. New polling shows support for Prop 67 has slipped below 50%, which means the deceptive tactics of the plastic industry are working. We need to reach far more Bay Area voters in the next two weeks in order to win. Fortunately, we have a plan to gain ground with the independent voters who will decide the fate of the bag ban. Working with the Yes On 67 campaign, we will be putting highly targeted online ads in front of voters we know are undecided on this issue. We know that most Californians are with us on this issue–we just need to reach them, and that costs money. Our research shows that most California voters support the goal of banning bags, but either don’t know about Prop 67 or have been confused by Big Plastic’s deceptive campaign to overturn the ban. They wonder why there are two plastic bag measures on the ballot. (Short answer: Because Big Plastic wants to confuse voters–but environmental organizations up and down the state say Yes On 67 and No On 65.) The plastic industry has spent more than $6 million to confuse voters, and the truth is environmental organizations have just a tiny fraction of that to get the facts out. Thankfully, the affordability of online ads means that for every dollar we spend, we can reach two key voters with multiple impressions between now and election day. Our goal is to reach an additional 30,000 voters who will make the difference on this issue. Supporters can help us reach this goal by making a donation today.  

Paid for by Save The Bay Action Fund Committee to Support Prop 67. Major funding by Save The Bay.