King Tides Conversation with the California Coastal Commission

If you’ve been watching the news, you’ve may have heard some mention of King Tides.

A King Tide is a natural phenomenon that occurs when the moon, sun, and Earth are aligned. This alignment causes the strongest gravitational force on Earth’s oceans, resulting in dramatic tidal fluctuations. When King Tides occur during floods or storms, water levels can rise higher and have the potential to cause local flooding all over the Bay Area. Read our recent blog post, ‘Return of the King’ for more information about these tides and what actions we are taking here at Save The Bay to protect our Bay Area communities from sea level rise and climate change. Check out our conversation with Jeremy Smith, California Sea Grant State Fellow at the California Coastal Commission, to learn more about King Tides and what they tell us about where we live.

  This month, King Tides are occurring Sunday December 13th to Tuesday, December 15th. Safely explore the Bay to view these tides and take photos for the California King Tides Project by the California Coastal Commission, see more information below.

Want to learn more about how sea level rise and climate change affect our Bay Area community? Check out these resources:

Become a “citizen scientist” by submitting photos and videos of King Tides. Photos that are submitted will help researchers better understand how sea level rise will affect areas of the California coast.

Adapting to Rising Tides is an online portal where you can create sea level rise projections for anywhere in the Bay Area. Check out this map of the Bay Area and how your neighborhood could be impacted by sea level rise.