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Cargill and luxury home developer partner DMB want to build on the same salt ponds where they proposed a 12,000 home project a decade ago. We must unite and take action to stop them from building on our Bay.


The Redwood City Council needs to hear from every community member in the Bay Area. Sign our petition and tell local leaders to protect our shorelines. Read our Bay Story to learn more about this important issue.


To the City Council of Redwood City:

I oppose development on Redwood City salt ponds: don’t build on my Bay!

Cargill Salt and luxury home developer DMB have colluded with the Trump Administration to weaken Clean Water Act protections for San Francisco Bay. They want to build on Bay salt ponds where massive public opposition stopped their 12,000-home project in 2012.

In addition to putting people at risk from rising seas and destroying habitat fish and wildlife need, new housing miles from Caltrain would worsen already terrible traffic. To combat climate change and create more resilient and equitable communities, the Bay Area needs more affordable housing near transit hubs and city centers, not on the Bay.

Redwood City Mayor Ian Bain has publicly stated that he does not want to see the salt ponds re-zoned for housing and prefers to see Cargill donate or sell the land for wetlands restoration.

In this era of climate change and sea level rise, it is more important than ever to preserve and protect shoreline communities. I urge the Redwood City Council to reject proposals for development on salt ponds. Protect this area as open space for Bay Area residents and future generations.


By signing this petition you join us in calling on the City Council of Redwood City to oppose development on Redwood City salt ponds. You will also receive occasional communications from Save The Bay with ways you can help keep the Bay healthy and vibrant. You can unsubscribe at any time.

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