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Tell San Jose City Council to Prepare for Climate Change

The San Jose City Council is considering their priorities for 2021 and we need your help to make sure climate resilience is at the top of their list.


In 2021, Save The Bay is partnering with cities to prepare our communities for the impacts of climate change, including sea-level rise, flooding, and urban heat. There is an exciting opportunity to further this work by paving the way for more urban greening, one of the most effective, multi-benefit ways to adapt our region.

You have the opportunity to influence San Jose’s priority-setting process. Please take a few minutes to call or email Mayor Liccardo and your representative on the City Council (contact information listed below). We have provided a template that you can copy and paste into an email or use to make a call. If you are unsure who represents you, look up your Council District here.

Take Action

All Districts
Mayor Sam Liccardo
District 1
Vice Mayor Charles “Chappie” Jones
District 2
Council Member Sergio Jimenez
District 3
Council Member Raul Peralez
District 4
Council Member David Cohen
District 5
Council Member Magdalena Carrasco
District 6
Council Member Devora “Dev” Davis
District 7
Council Member Maya Esparza
District 8
Council Member Sylvia Arenas
District 9
Council Member Pam Foley
District 10
Council Member Matt Mahan

Phone/ Email Script:

Hello, My name is ________, and I am a San Jose resident. I am calling/writing to ask that you prioritize urban greening as part of the city-wide priority-setting process on February 25.

Urban greening will help San Jose adapt to climate change and enhance quality of life. Integrating nature-based infrastructure into city streets has numerous benefits. Rain gardens, bioswales, trees, and planter boxes all help mitigate flood risks from storms and sea level rise, absorbing and filtering water before it returns to the Bay pollutant-free. Increasing tree canopy and plant coverage helps cool neighborhoods as temperatures rise, preventing scorching urban heat. In addition to helping our communities adapt to climate change, urban greening enhances quality of life by making streets safer for pedestrians and bicyclists.

Please prioritize urban greening for a safer, more resilient San Jose.

Thank you