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Redwood City is currently drafting its Climate Action Plan Update for 2030 to determine what the City is going to do to prepare for climate change. Redwood City can’t afford to wait and must take action now.


With so many homes and businesses located near the Bay shoreline, Redwood City is especially vulnerable to sea level rise. The Redwood City Climate Action Plan is being updated with goals for 2030. The current draft addresses greenhouse gas emission reductions to curb emissions in the future, but falls short on real actionable steps to protect the people of Redwood City. Redwood City and surrounding communities are already experiencing the impacts of a changing climate, including sea level rise, flooding, wildfires, and other threats. Steps must be taken to prepare the City for the climate threats that are already here.

Sign our petition to tell Redwood City leaders to make a comprehensive plan for climate adaptation in their 2030 Climate Action Plan Update. Establishing clear goals now will ensure that we are more prepared for flooding, sea level rise and wildfires in 2030 than we are today.


To: Redwood City Council

The Redwood City Climate Action Plan Update for 2030 represents a transformational opportunity for the City to set a course for climate adaptation locally and establish a standard in the region for resilient cities. Redwood City can lead the Bay Area by addressing risks that the City and surrounding communities will face from sea level rise, shoreline and inland flooding, extreme heat, wildfires, and other climate impacts now. We urge you to include specific and measurable climate adaptation actions in the 2030 Climate Action Plan Update to protect communities, homes, businesses, infrastructure, and the health of the San Francisco Bay.

A strong climate adaptation plan must include:

Shoreline Adaptation – Provide adaptation to flooding and sea level rise by restoring wetlands, while creating recreation opportunities for the City and surrounding communities. Prohibit new housing and commercial development in areas at risk of flooding based on sea level rise projections, including the Redwood City Salt Ponds.

Greenhouse Gases Emissions Reductions – Redwood City has far surpassed state goals for emissions reductions. Continue to lead by establishing ambitious goals that surpass California state standards.

Reduction of Vehicle Miles Travelled (VMT) – Ensure that active and mass transportation is expanded and invest in bicycle, pedestrian, and transit infrastructure, including safety programs.

Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) – Integrate GSI into upland and upstream areas to alleviate localized flooding and urban heat island effect while also reducing stormwater pollution.

Mitigate Wildfire Risk – Reduce wildfire risk through fuel and forest management in the urban-wild land interface.

The public deserves a Climate Action Plan that prepares Redwood City and San Mateo County for climate change. Please include these comprehensive adaptation measures in the 2030 Climate Action Plan now, to protect our communities from flooding and other climate change-associated threats.


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