Inspiring Individuals Who Further our Mission

As we bid farewell to 2023, we reflect on the incredible impact we have achieved together in protecting and restoring San Francisco Bay for people and wildlife. At Save The Bay, our mission is made possible through the unwavering support of inspiring individuals whose stories of giving and connection light the path forward. In this spirit, we’d like to spotlight three extraordinary donors – Suresh Raman, Elaine Anderson, and Kay Baum – whose commitment and passion have left a lasting mark on our mission. We hope their stories of giving and connection will inspire you to join us in building a climate-resilient Bay Area for all.

A man laughing while looking to the left
Suresh, pictured left, and Mira Raman

Suresh Raman, a dedicated advocate and former Board Member, articulates the essence of supporting environmental orgs: “Us humans are always taking, taking, and taking from our planet. How do we repay this debt? I consider the opportunity to give to environmental non-profits as the best way to repay our debt to nature.” For nearly two decades, Suresh has lent his time and support to Save The Bay, captivated by the Bay’s beauty and inspired by the organization’s mission. He recalls coming across Save The Bay by chance: “Save The Bay caught my attention through a random web search, and I was immediately drawn by their volunteer opportunities—activities like weeding, nursing, and planting along the shoreline. At my second volunteer event in 2007, I met David Lewis, the Executive Director, who shared captivating stories about the Bay’s history, the origins of Save The Bay, and their mission. I was hooked, eager to support this organization in more significant ways.” His story echoes that of Elaine’s, a founding member whose involvement in the grassroots efforts of Save The Bay’s early years shaped the organization’s trajectory.

Two women smiling at the camera, toasting a glass of champagne
Elaine, pictured left, and her daughter Nina Anderson

Elaine Anderson‘s journey began with a commitment to address the environmental challenges along the shoreline, guided by the vision of Save The Bay founders Kay Kerr, Sylvia McLaughlin, and Esther Gulick: “When I learned that these women were beginning to focus on all the damage that was being done along the shoreline, I thought it was worth becoming involved. I was impressed by what they were attempting to do despite all the odds. I learned so much from these three women.” Elaine contributed her time by hand addressing, stamping, and stuffing envelopes—a testament to her dedication to the cause. Her commitment during those early years laid the groundwork for Save The Bay’s growth and impact. A native San Franciscan, Elaine’s deep ties to the Bay, from childhood ferry rides to navigating its currents on her Columbia 22 sailboat with her husband, showcase her enduring connection: “The Bay has always defined the city for me. Whatever I can do to enrich that experience for others is very important. Giving locally is an essential aspect of preserving all that we enjoy in the Bay Area.” Elaine’s journey from volunteer to donor reflects her indelible belief in the impactful work Save The Bay achieves for the Bay, reflecting a story marked by dedication, resilience, and an unbreakable connection with the vibrant waters that shape our community.

From right to left: Kay Baum, and her husband, David Stuhr, Save The Bay Executive Director, David Lewis, and fellow Save The Bay supporter, Karen Gilhuly

Kay Baum, a devoted sailor and staunch advocate for the Bay, has woven her love for the coast into nearly three decades of support for Save The Bay. As a steadfast donor, she champions local giving, recognizing the tangible impact that local non-profits can achieve. Kay was drawn to Save The Bay by its solid record of success, a realization that crystallized during an inspirational meeting with Executive Director, David Lewis. Describing the encounter, Kay recounts, “The impetus of my support was that I became aware of Save The Bay’s fantastic record. I attended an event where I met David Lewis, and he concluded the deal!” Beyond her financial contributions, Kay’s personal connection with the Bay shines through her love for sailing, biking, and hiking around its shores, firmly establishing her as an integral part of our community. Alongside Suresh and Elaine, Kay exemplifies the unwavering dedication, resilience, and profound connection that define the Save The Bay community. 

As we celebrate the stories of Suresh, Elaine, and Kay, we are reminded that the collective efforts of individuals like them form the backbone of our mission. Their support inspires us all to join hands in building a climate-resilient Bay Area. Save The Bay remains deeply grateful for the commitment and passion of donors who make our work possible. Together, let us continue shaping a future where the beauty of San Francisco Bay thrives for generations to come. 

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