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Save The Bay

300 Frank Ogawa Plaza, Suite 280,
Oakland, CA 94612

Executive Director


Melody Settelmayer
Graphic & Website Design Manager

Sadie Waddington
Events & Outreach Manager


Allison Chan
Associate Director for Policy

Maryann Tekverk
Political and Community Organizer


Donna Ball
Habitat Restoration Director

Silas Ellison
Restoration Project Specialist

Charlie Onorati
Restoration Education Program

Nicole Schmidt
Restoration Education Specialist

Rachelle Cardona
Restoration Program Manager

Jessie Olson
Associate Director of Native Plant Nurseries

Kenneth Rangel
Restoration Operations Specialist

Rebecca Wynd
Native Plant Nursery Manager

Finance & Administration

Elizabeth August
Temporary Finance and Administrative Specialist

Oriana Havlicek
Office Manager

Erica Nordby
Staff Accountant

Robin Erickson
Chief Financial Officer

Esther Lim
Finance & Administration Manager


David Allen
Associate Director of Individual Philanthropy

April Anderson
Institutional Philanthropy Associate

Jazmin Martinez
Philanthropy Coordinator

Katie Reitter
Associate Director of Individual Philanthropy

Amy Stoddard
Associate Director Institutional Philanthropy