Celebrate with Save The Bay: Blue 2017

STB_Blue_PC_Front_Final For many people, San Francisco Bay is just a pretty view. However, Save The Bay has shown time and again that Bay Area residents love the Bay deeply and will rally to protect it from harm and preserve it for future generations. We know the Bay is our greatest natural treasure and the heart of what makes our region so special. Seeing the Bay’s beauty up close is the best inspiration for our work and experiencing the Bay together with others who care makes our community stronger. It is amazing how many people have lived in this region for years and never experience the Bay from the water.  We hope to change that. This year we are proud to launch Blue – an inspirational evening on the waters of San Francisco Bay.  Join us on Earth Day, Saturday, April 22nd, as we convene Bay supporters and regional leaders for a beautiful sunset cruise on a private yacht. Blue will unite advocates and investors from every corner of the Bay and raise the funds we need to meet the tough challenges ahead. For more information, to buy tickets or inquire about sponsorship, please contact Jackie Richardson at Jackie@savesfbay.org or (510) 463-6835.