Black Lives Matter

For days, I’ve been in despair – angry and sad to witness again the persistent and deadly racism against the black community. As a white man, I will never face the threats that black men, women, and children endure every single day. But I can refuse to turn away. I can listen, learn, and stand with my fellow humans against attacks and oppression. And, I can work to put diversity, equity and inclusion at the center of Save The Bay’s mission to protect and restore San Francisco Bay, for PEOPLE and wildlife.

Each week, we work to start your day with a bit of Bay Inspiration. Today, we must focus on “How to Make this Moment the Turning Point for Real Change” on racism – the epidemic that has plagued our nation for centuries. How can all of us at Save The Bay help make real change toward justice and equality?

We must start by saying BLACK LIVES MATTER, and acting to make that reality. George Floyd matters. Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Christian Cooper, and all victims of racial injustice matter. All deserve the right to live, work, breathe, jog, birdwatch, and thrive, free from fear and injustice. To survive and prosper as a nation, we must be on the front lines to drive real change, not the sidelines.

Save The Bay stands with all who seek to end racism and violence in our country. This is part of our fight for a healthy San Francisco Bay in a sustainable, equitable Bay Area, where everyone can access and enjoy the Bay in safety and peace. We will be the change, together!