Bay Area Housing for All Ballot Measure

Join us in endorsing the Bay Area Housing for All (BAHA) ballot measure for November 2024! Because California is producing only 14% of the affordable homes required to meet the need, the Bay Area needs more dedicated funding for affordable housing. Housing is an environmental issue because access to healthy, affordable homes is a crucial part of a healthy environment and community.

The BAHA regional bond of $10-20 billion would allow the region to construct up to 45,000 homes, create thousands of jobs, and preserve existing affordable housing. Eighty percent of the funds would return to their Bay area county of origin (based on assessed property value), while the other twenty percent would go the Bay Area Housing Finance Authority to distribute across the region where it is most needed. This regional approach allows for effective collaboration between all 9 counties of the Bay Area, where a piecemeal approach by city and county has been less successful at scaling up housing development.

The bond would prioritize housing development affordable to very-low-income and low income people. They need safe and affordable housing to protect them from the increase in severity of wildfire smoke and flooding events due to climate change. In addition, the bond prioritizes housing development close to public transit that reduces green house gas emissions and pollution.

Endorse the first-of-its kind BAHA Ballot measure today: