Activities to Connect with your Bay Habitat

Hey! Go stick your head in a bush!

No really, this isn’t some old-timey insult. Safely lay under a tree or bush and take a moment. What do you notice? As we shelter-in-place spending time in nature can mean exploring your backyard or going on a neighborhood walk.

Save The Bay’s Education Program Coordinator, Charlie, is here with some fun ways for you and your family to slow down, gain a new perspective, and connect with our Bay habitat. From “Squirrel Highway” to “Head in a Bush” these activities will help you view nature, and your neighborhood, in a new way.  They may even extend those walks that are a little too short. If you want to learn more about the bushes you stick your head in, our Backyard Botanist activity is also a lot of fun. While doing these activities be sure to wear proper face coverings and practice social distancing. Stay safe and healthy!