3 Ways to Stay Connected this Earth Day

Vincent James, Golden Green

50 years ago, there was no Environmental Protection Agency, Clean Air Act, or Clean Water Act. Yet, for years people from Rachel Carson to the Save The Bay Founders had been sounding the alarm on the health of and threats to our environment, and in turn threats to human health.

Earth Day started as a day of action to find solutions to environmental challenges, and as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, our greatest challenge, climate change, demands mass action. While we can’t physically be together to take action this Earth Day, Save The Bay is here with three ways to help you stay connected to the movement fighting out climate crisis.

  1. Connect with people from around the globe with Earth Day Live, a 72-hour live stream featuring young climate activists and diverse strategies to take on our climate crisis.
  2. Connect with your Bay habitat with our Backyard Botanist activity.  Recently adapted by our Education Team from the field, this activity will help you learn and foster a deeper connection with your neighborhood ecosystem.
  3. Connect with Save The Bay and support our crowdfunding campaign where your donation will directly support our work to fight climate change and help build a healthy and resilient Bay for everyone.

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