Affordable Housing 2018

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Lack of affordable housing and low overall housing supply in the Bay Area is pushing low-income residents to the margins of our region and contributing to an unprecedented homeless crisis. We support local measures to increase supply of affordable, transit-oriented housing to improve quality of life in our region and protect the Bay from roadway pollution, illegal dumping, and other environmental consequences of the housing affordability crisis.


Measures B and C: In a tremendous victory, San Jose voters rejected Measure B, which would have threatened the city’s open space, wildlife habitat, and creeks that feed the Bay. This was a deceptive attempt by developers to circumvent environmental and public review, skirt affordable housing requirements, and avoid paying millions in traffic and community impact fees. Voters also approved Measure C, which would have prevented the worst aspects of Measure B and now gives the San Jose City Council more power to reject future development proposals that promote sprawl and do not meet certain requirements on affordable housing, environmental review, and traffic impact fees. Save The Bay joined a grassroots effort that defeated Measure B, despite being massively outspent by developers.

Measure B Failed: 59.01%–40.99%

Measure C Passes: 60.82%–39.18%