Sustainable Transportation 2016

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Regional growth has outpaced the expansion and upgrading of our transportation infrastructure, putting enormous strain on both public transit and our congested roadways and sending more roadway pollution into the Bay. Save The Bay has supported several local and regional measures that create funding streams for critically needed upgrades to this infrastructure.


Measure C1 (Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District): 20-year extension of a $96 annual parcel tax necessary to continue providing nearly $30 million per year necessary for safe, reliable, affordable AC Transit bus service for the East Bay.

Passed: 81.4%–18.6% (two-thirds supermajority required)

Measure B (Santa Clara County Tax): Half-cent, countywide, 30-year sales tax measure expected to generate $6 billion for transportation projects, including expanding and improving BART and CalTrain; increasing bus frequency; and bike and pedestrian programs to repair roads and potholes.

Passed: 71%–29% (two-thirds supermajority required)

Measure RR (BART Bond): $3.5 billion general obligation bond to repair and replace rails, upgrade the train control system to reduce congestion, and improve access to BART with more parking, disabled access, and bike stations.

Passed: 70.2%–29.8% (two-thirds supermajority required)

Measures J & K (San Francisco): Measure K calls for a 0.75 percent general sales tax increase for 25 years, expected to generate between $150 and $155 million for the General Fund. Measure J establishes new funds and allocation requirements that will provide roughly $100 million for transportation programs (MUNI equity and affordability; transit maintenance and expansion), and $50 million for homelessness.

Measure J Passed: 66.4%–33.6%  

Measure K Failed: 35%–65%