Sustainable Transportation 2018

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Regional growth has outpaced the expansion and upgrading of our transportation infrastructure, putting enormous strain on both public transit and our congested roadways and sending more roadway pollution into the Bay. Save The Bay has supported several local and regional measures that create funding streams for critically needed upgrades to this infrastructure.


strong>Regional Measure 3: In this important region-wide race, voters approved RM3 to relieve Bay Area traffic, helping to reduce roadway and air pollution that threatens the health of the Bay and the air we breathe. Through a $3 regional bridge toll increase that will be phased in over six years, RM3 will fund critical public transit and highway improvements like replacing aging BART cars, improving Caltrain and Muni service, and easing freeway bottlenecks in the East Bay. These projects will help keep vehicles off the road, ensuring cleaner air and water for us all.

Passed: 61.44%–38.56%