Clean Water 2016

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Save The Bay supports initiatives that leverage stormwater as a resource to be captured, which also reduces polluted urban runoff into local waterways. We have also advocated for funding measures and amendments to state law that will help cities fix their infrastructure to improve quality of life and protect water quality. Decades of neglect and lack of funding have left our streets and stormwater infrastructure in serious disrepair, increasing pollution risk to the Bay, flood risk to our neighborhoods, and accessibility issues on sidewalks.


Measure KK (Oakland Bond): Invests up to $600 million in repaving and repairing streets and sidewalks, improving libraries and parks, and upgrading public safety buildings and fire stations.

Passed: 82%–18% (two-thirds supermajority required)

Measure T1 (Berkeley Bond): $100 million general obligation bond for infrastructure improvements, including streets and sidewalks, storm drains, green infrastructure, parks and recreation centers, and public buildings.

Passed: 86.5%–13.5% (two-thirds supermajority required)