Clean Water 2018

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Save The Bay supports initiatives that leverage stormwater as a resource to be captured, which also reduces polluted urban runoff into local waterways. We have also advocated for funding measures and amendments to state law that will help cities fix their infrastructure to improve quality of life and protect water quality. Decades of neglect and lack of funding have left our streets and stormwater infrastructure in serious disrepair, increasing pollution risk to the Bay, flood risk to our neighborhoods, and accessibility issues on sidewalks.


Proposition 72: Voters easily passed this measure to incentivize rainwater capture and reuse. Prop 72 will allow homeowners to install rainwater capture and reuse systems without triggering higher property tax assessments. Encouraging rainwater storage and reuse is smart policy that enhances local water resources and reduces stormwater pollution, benefitting the Bay and all of California.

Passed: 84.6%–15.4%