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Giving Tuesday

Join us this Giving Tuesday and Help us Keep On Truckin as we work to raise $15,000 or more toward a new habitat restoration truck.

Honk Honk: The story of Fuego and Red has inspired a MATCH Challenge of $7,500.

Save The Bay’s work has never been more important and right now, we need to expand our six-cylinder team. Our goal of raising $15,000 in ONE DAY still stands. But as you know, a new truck will cost at least $40,000. On Giving Tuesday, you can now DOUBLE your donation and help us raise even more.

Don’t miss the story of Fuego and Red, two-trucks working hard to help save the Bay.

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Meet Fuego and Red

Save the Bay has two rugged, trustworthy and spirited Save The Bay team members, Fuego and Red. They are part of our family, and the work they do often goes unnoticed.

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A Day in the Life

Don’t miss A Day in the Life of Fuego and Red, a story of two-trucks working hard to help save the Bay. They are heavy lifters and aren’t afraid to get dirty on the job



Fuego gives you a peek into what she can accomplish in just one week.


  Rachelle Cardona

My favorite place to watch the sunset is the UC Botanical Garden Parking Lot. My favorite animal is the tardigrade – a.k.a. water bear!

Jessie Olson

My favorite place to hike is the Matt Davis Trail off of Bootjack trailhead. My favorite animals are sea otters and dogs, and a hidden skill I have is celebrity trivia – very embarrassing, very impressive.

   Nicole Schmidt

One of my favorite parts of the job is working with volunteers, meeting new people, sharing the importance of tidal marshes and cool facts about them. I love hiking on the DipSea to Steep Ravine Trail.

Kenneth Rangel

My favorite part of the job is seeing the progress we make at our restoration sites over the seasons and over the years. A hobby I enjoy is to sew and make tote bags and tank tops with really fun prints!

Rebecca Wynd

A hidden talent I have is that I make baskets out of willow and other kinds of plants. The best part of my job is getting to work outside in the marsh.

Silas Ellison

My favorite animal is the Ensatina salamander. My favorite part of my job is seeing our plants grow and change through the seasons and over the years, and the hard work of all our volunteers and staff paying off.