Don't Pave
The Bay

The era of paving the Bay ended decades ago, but Save The Bay is fighting once again to oppose shoreline development in Redwood City that puts people at risk and harms wildlife.

Cargill Salt Co. and luxury home developer DMB Associates are preparing to propose a new saltworks development that could put our Bay and the Redwood City community at risk.

In 2012, massive public opposition defeated a proposal to build 12,000 homes on Redwood City salt ponds.

Building on Redwood City’s salt ponds right at sea level would put people at risk from rising seas and storms, destroy habitat for fish and wildlife and increase traffic.

Instead of developing the salt ponds, which are surrounded by restored tidal marshes, Cargill should sell or donate this site to the Don Edwards San Francisco National Wildlife Refuge.

You can urge Redwood City Council to reject proposals for development. Sign the petition today.

Voice of the Bay

The community has strong voices that oppose development on Redwood City salt ponds.

Carolina Manzo
Redwood City Resident

"We can't achieve a sustainable future if we build on the Bay. Climate change is impacting our community and elected leaders in Redwood City, and across the country, must act. Building on the Bay is wrong and disregards the impacts and causes of climate change."

Alice Kaufman
Committee for
Green Foothills

"The Redwood City salt ponds need to be restored as wetlands just like other salt ponds around the Bay. We should not build on these salt ponds when we need every acre of restorable wetlands to ensure the health of the Bay and its wildlife."

Silas Ellison
Save The Bay
Staff Scientist

"Restoring Redwood City’s salt ponds would create a contiguous marsh complex that will benefit people and wildlife, and protect shoreline infrastructure. The climate threat is urgent, and to mitigate the risk, we must start now."

Protecting the Bay

Save The Bay wants to ensure that regional growth benefits the Bay and supports diverse and equitable communities. We must protect the Bay and surrounding communities from climate change, use natural solutions to reduce water pollution and restore wetlands, and provide affordable housing and sustainable transportation.

Adapting to Climate Change

We restore wetlands around the Bay to provide essential habitat for wildlife and to protect people who live along the shorelines.
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Bay Smart Communities

We promote Bay Smart Communities to ensure that regional growth benefits the Bay and supports diverse and equitable communities.
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In The News

For almost 60 years, we have fought against new shoreline developments that put our Bay’s health and its people and wildlife at risk. To learn more about the Redwood City salt ponds and the ongoing fight to protect them, visit Bay Stories.

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